Our platform empowers multifamily managers, acquisitions teams, SFR owner/operators, data scientists, and PropTech companies with insights to optimize performance, make informed decisions, and drive innovation. Enhance occupancy rates, returns, investment processes, and advanced analytics with our comprehensive, reliable data solutions.

Multifamily Asset & Property Managers

Optimize Assets with Accurate Pricing Tools

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  • Benchmark with Confidence: Leverage daily, publicly-sourced rental data to set competitive prices.
  • Maximize Potential: Utilize algorithmically produced comparables to optimize pricing for available units.
  • Evaluate Asset Quality: Assess the latest community amenities, concessions, tax assessor, and neighborhood data.
  • Analyze Performance: Use historical performance data and our quantitative rent forecast to evaluate future potential.

Multifamily Acquisitions Teams

Accelerate Your Workflows

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  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Access granular, real-time data and prioritized insights to streamline due diligence.
  • Optimize Workflow Efficiencies: Speed up your acquisition processes with comprehensive data solutions.
  • Informed Underwriting and Due Diligence: Leverage our quantitative rent forecast to enhance underwriting accuracy and maximize investment strategy.
  • Competitive Pipeline Tracking: Track your acquisition pipeline against competitors and market conditions to stay ahead in the market.

SFR Owner/Operators

Maximize SFR Returns

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  • Benchmark with Confidence: Access the latest home pricing data (both for sale or for rent), tax assessor data, and neighborhood information to set competitive prices.
  • Maximize Potential: Utilize advanced analytics to optimize pricing for available properties.
  • Evaluate Asset Quality: Assess property fundamentals with up-to-date information on property attributes, tax value, mortgage, and lien data.
  • Analyze Performance: Use historical rental and sale transactions trends to evaluate future potential.

Data Scientists & Research Teams

Powering Your Models with Better Data

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  • Build Sophisticated Models: Leverage accurate and detailed data to create innovative analytics.
  • Gain Unique Insights: Enhance your research with comprehensive, cleansed data, driving forward your analytics and innovation.
  • Cross-Geography Data Integration: Connect data across geographies down to the asset level, enabling precise and granular analysis.
  • Reliable and Validated Data: Access cleansed, validated datasets to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your models.

PropTech Companies

Integrate Advanced Insights into Your Solutions

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  • Enhance User Experience: Improve your solutions with Markerr's data and insights, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Drive Innovation: Foster innovation in real estate technology, benefiting both platforms and end-users with enriched capabilities.
  • Property-Level Rental and Asset Data: Power your platforms with detailed rental and asset data to offer precise and actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Seamlessly integrate our extensive datasets to enhance the functionality and accuracy of your solutions.

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