Markerr Data Studio

Markerr Data Studio uses machine learning and AI to provide real estate professionals with a powerful platform. It helps them understand any US market or property, turning data into a valuable tool for making precise decisions and seizing opportunities.


Equipped with our advanced AI analyst, Markets distills complex data into concise, actionable insights, within seconds, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions.

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Why Markets is Essential for Your Business:

  • Real-time KPIs – Demand, Supply, Properties & Rent.
  • Predictive Forecasts
  • Easy data export
  • Dynamic visualization
  • Unparalleled coverage


Access Markerr's vast database of residential properties across the United States. Our Address and Proximity Search allow for effortless discovery of property details by simply entering an address or exploring an area directly on the map.

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  • Enhanced Filtering and Rental Trends Analysis: Navigate with our advanced filtering options based on property metadata, such as location, size, amenities, and more. Delve into detailed historical rental trends and make comparisons against ZIP code or MSA benchmarks and similar properties to gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

  • Rental Trends by Bedroom Category: Explore monthly rental trends across different bedroom types, taking into account metadata like square footage, age, and amenities. This granular perspective on property performance aids in precise market analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions based on specific property characteristics.

RealRent Comps

Leverage our ML-based Comparables solution, designed to identify the most accurate comparable properties for every property using our multifamily similarity model. This feature is designed to provide real-time rental analysis and comparative insights, leveraging public rental availability data gathered daily to provide comprehensive coverage of market dynamics.

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  • Census scale – powered by the industry’s largest source combined with Markerr’s cutting edge technology to ensure clean, consistent data
  • Multiple years of history for critical validation and longitudinal analysis
  • Quantitative comp lists generated from property meta data + rent trends + proximity info
  • Seamless export and dynamic visualization
  • Dashboard and Bulk feed delivery

RealRent Forecast

Machine Learning-Based Rent Predictions

Markerr’s RealRent Forecast utilizes a machine learning model to predict future rent prices. Unlike traditional econometric models, ours provides a detailed explanation for each forecast, offering insights into the specific data points influencing market dynamics. This approach ensures users have a clear understanding of supply and demand factors at both the metro and ZIP code levels, offering a detailed perspective on local markets.

Exceptionally Consistent

The top 5% of ZIP codes from the Markerr RealRent forecast have outperformed the median and bottom 5% in future two-year rent growth for every month over the past 5 years.  Starting with predictions made in 2018, the forecast’s consistency has endured through multiple macro-economic backdrops: pre-COVID normalcy, throughout COVID, the post-COVID high inflationary period, and during the present-day falling inflation period.

Transparency and Reliability

One key difference between Markerr and similar services is our commitment to transparency. We disclose all the predictors used in our forecasts and provide thorough explanations for each prediction. Our forecasts do not undergo retroactive adjustments, ensuring that our accuracy can be validated through historical backtests. Our data shows that ZIP codes identified as top performers in our forecasts have seen double the rent growth compared to the average, with consistent performance over the past four years.

Data Points and Predictors

  • Comprehensive public historical rents
  • Insight into home price growth trends
  • Population dynamics
  • Employment rates and median income trends
  • Housing characteristics shaping market dynamics

Additional Forecasts

In addition to our rent forecast, Markerr provides in-depth 5-year population and crime forecasts, giving a more nuanced and comprehensive view of the market. This additional data enables users to make more informed decisions and accurately evaluate the potential of various investment and operational opportunities.

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Interactive Dashboards

Leverage dynamic, customizable dashboards that allow you to visualize market trends, portfolio performances, and other critical metrics. These dashboards are enhanced by advanced ML algorithms, providing intuitive and powerful data interpretation that supports informed decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize sophisticated analytical tools powered by machine learning to delve deep into your data. Uncover latent patterns, identify key trends, and extract actionable insights that drive your strategic initiatives. These tools empower you to understand and predict market behaviors with greater accuracy.

Real-Time Data Access

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time access to the latest data updates. Our advanced data aggregation and analysis processes ensure you have the most current and relevant information at your fingertips, enabling you to respond swiftly to market changes.

Collaboration Tools

Enhance productivity and strategic coherence for acquisitions, asset management, and data teams with our seamless collaboration tools. Share insights easily, ensuring all teams are aligned and well-informed.

Generative AI Summarizations

Simplify the understanding of complex datasets with summarizations generated by our AI Data Scientist, with summaries that make insights fast and actionable.


Informed Decision-Making

Base your strategic decisions on comprehensive, real-time data insights. Our advanced algorithms ensure your choices are supported by the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Efficiency Gains

Save significant time with streamlined data analysis and reporting processes. Our efficient data processing enables faster workflows, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks.

Competitive Edge

Markerr Data Studio give you a competitive edge, allowing you to identify and act on market opportunities more effectively than your competitors..


Future-proof your operations with a platform that scales effortlessly with your growing data analytics needs. Markerr Data Studio adapts to your evolving requirements.

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