The RealRent Multifamily Forecast You’ve Been Waiting For! 

October 31, 2022

As Markerr continues to innovate our product offerings, we’re delighted to share some new data offerings that will enhance your real estate decision making. Earlier this year, we launched RealRent, our proprietary solution for multifamily rent analytics. Leveraging the latest machine-learning techniques as well as current and historical rental data, RealRent is the preeminent data solution for granular analysis across the United States. 

Introducing RealRent Multifamily Forecast!

We are excited to announce that RealRent now includes a Multifamily Forecast down to a ZIP Code level for over 250 MSAs. Our machine learning-based forecast model leverages Markerr’s vast data network to provide insights not available anywhere else. These forecasts are backtested to provide unparalleled transparency and insight into evolving markets.

RealRent Expands Coverage and Update Cadence

We’ve also recently just released updates to our core RealRent for Multifamily dataset. With this update we now provide even more timely insights on a monthly basis and an expanded data network with more than 370 MSAs and over 7,100 ZIP Codes.

RealRent is available as a bulk feed and via Markerr’s analytics platform. Please reach out to our sales team to book a demo and discuss how to access RealRent. 

Thank you to our phenomenal partners on this journey to define the future of commercial real estate. Look for more updates as we finish a strong year at Markerr and plan more exciting product innovations for next year! 

Andrew Jenkins, CPO, Markerr