Transforming Raw Data Into Actionable Insights

Connecting, geocoding and indexing a unique data network for an accurate, forward-looking view of demand and supply.

Data Network

Unique inputs for standout insights

Income & Employment

Payroll records from 8M workers and 80K employers in the US


Millions of job postings by location, salary and title


Transactions, asset characteristics, and supply for 150M SF, MF, and mixed-use properties across the U.S.

Housing Permits

Permits for single and multi-family homes in the US

Consumer Spend

120M consumer credit cards showing online and offline purchases


Consumer affinities based on social media data

Residential Rentals

Rental transactions from 160,000+ properties across the US

US Housing & Urban Development

Post office records determine the overlap between zip codes and other geographies of interest

US Census

Demographic, employment and commute data from the ACS and other surveys

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employer and employment counts by industry from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

Data Transformation

Connecting for a unified view


Parse and accurately tag raw address data

Resolve & Join

Connect address variations to the same physical property


Normalize for an accurate, representative view of activity

Combine & Visualize

Model and map supply, demand and first-party data


Designed for your workflow



Bulk Feeds

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data managed by our technology platform is just one pillar of Markerr's information security program. To understand more about how Markerr keeps our partner and customer data safe, please visit the Data Security page.

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