Migration & Population Trends 2022: Migration Toward Sunbelt Continues While Coastal Markets See Improvement

July 7, 2022


To better understand population changes across the U.S., Markerr took a closer look at migration, a key component of population trend data.

Our analysis showed that through May 2022, migration continued to trend upward in Sunbelt markets, dominated by Florida, the Carolinas, and Texas. The bottom markets included Coastal markets like California, which continues to experience outmigration.

In addition, Coastal markets lost ~507,000 residents, while the Sunbelt gained ~289,000 residents over last year. Markerr looked at YoY change of Total Population (which includes births, deaths, immigration, and migration) for the top 10 and bottom 10 markets for the top 100 MSAs across the U.S. We found that Florida markets are still dominating the top 10 in terms of positive population growth (claiming seven of the top spots). The bottom 10 markets are still heavily weighted towards dense, Coastal cities.