Markerr Raises $5 Million Series A

June 16, 2021

The driving theme of my career can be summarized in one statement: data is fundamentally changing the way companies compete and industries operate. Commercial Real Estate is no exception to this trend.

The real estate industry appears on the cusp of dramatic change driven by an increasingly competitive investment landscape, compressing CAP rates, the disruption to markets across the US caused by Covid and the challenges managing the mountain of data generated and used in their businesses. At Markerr, we see the incredible opportunity that data can offer to transform real estate companies to make them more efficient, profitable and competitive.

Today, I’m excited to announce Markerr’s $5M Series A funding, led by RET Ventures, the leading early stage venture fund focused on real estate technology companies. This investment accelerates Markerr’s ability to set a new standard for property evaluation by building a comprehensive decision-making platform with a real-time, unified view of demand and supply.

Our partnership with RET Ventures, led by John Helm and Chris Yip, provides Markerr with access capital and guidance, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with their network of LPs, the largest institutions in residential real estate. This network represents the most successful, innovative participants in the CRE space and continue to offer invaluable feedback about how we can develop products to improve the way they do business.

In addition to RET, we are fortunate to have assembled a top notch list of technology investors including: Continental Realty Corp led by JM Schapiro – a long-time client of Markerr and owner of 10,000 multifamily residential units, Matt Levin of Twin Shores Capital and formerly Bain Capital, Edward Norton, actor and investor, and Joe Lettween of Osso Capital and formerly Vista Equity Partners. Our Series A investor group collectively provides an extensive network, track record of success supporting growth in early stage companies and deep domain expertise in real estate, data and technology businesses.

Having the right vision, great investors and capital necessary to support growth are foundational to our success, but ultimately our future is tied to the great products we build, talent we assemble and culture we create.

Our products – dashboards, reports and datafeeds – highlight the most impactful, forward-looking indicators of demand and supply to improve forecasting, underwriting and investment decisions. We are a team of DIY problem-solvers, who find creative, resourceful ways to build new solutions so our customers can do their jobs better and faster.

Today we get to share our vision with the world – I’m proud of the team and excited to see how Markerr impacts the future of real estate decisions.

Brian Lichtenberger

CEO & Founder