Markerr Launches Industry-First AI Data Scientist

December 12, 2023

Expanded Use of Generative AI within Markerr Data Studio Makes Machine Learning Output Accessible to Non-Technical Real Estate Participants

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Markerr, an innovator in real estate data analytics, announces the launch of its AI Data Scientist, a significant innovation in the domain of rent forecasting. The AI Data Scientist, integrated into Markerr Data Studio, brings a new level of sophistication and accessibility to predictive analytics in real estate.

Markerr’s RealRent Multifamily Forecast stands out with its advanced machine learning model that processes a significant number of proprietary inputs at scale. Unlike traditional econometric forecasts, Markerr’s machine learning approach dynamically uncovers hidden relationships within data. This methodology, validated with historical data and backtests, ensures forecasts that outperform legacy models while delivering quantifiable ROI for real estate investors, owners & operators.

Markerr’s AI Data Scientist goes a step further, articulating the nuances of these forecasts by explaining the critical underlying drivers and their relative impacts, as well as the key trends. The AI Data Scientist represents a particularly novel use case for generative AI by transforming complex model outputs into digestible insights for non-technical users.

“Markerr’s AI-driven approach to rent forecasting has been a game-changer for our investment strategies,” said Christian Evans, Investment Associate at The Dinerstein Companies. “With real-time insights and this groundbreaking AI Data Scientist feature, we’re experiencing unparalleled efficiency and accessibility in understanding complex machine learning models.”

“Our aim at Markerr is to seamlessly integrate complex data science with practical business applications,” said Andrew Jenkins, Chief Product Officer at Markerr. “The advancements experienced by The Dinerstein Companies validates our mission to make sophisticated rent forecasting and data-powered analysis both accessible and mission critical for business users across the real estate industry.”

Markerr’s AI Data Scientist is immediately available to clients via Markerr Data Studio, the real estate industry’s most dynamic and comprehensive decision-making platform.

About Markerr:

Markerr is at the forefront of the real estate industry, offering innovative solutions that empower investors to thrive in multifamily real estate investments. Leveraging real-time data, advanced machine learning, and generative AI, Markerr enables clients to gain a competitive edge and make more confident, efficient decisions. Trusted by leading institutional real estate owners and operators worldwide, Markerr is supported by top investors including RET Ventures, Pretium, and Bridge Investment Group. Visit for further details.