Markerr Hiring Trends Report Shows US Job Postings Are Decelerating

September 28, 2022

Markerr analyzed hiring trends through August 2022 and our month-over-month data shows that US job postings are decelerating. Here are some highlights from our report:

  • Job posting counts across the US are 6.7% higher than last year showing a deceleration compared to last month.
  • Total job postings in the US was 7.4M, down ~5% from the peak in June (7.8M)
  • The industries that are facing the largest percent decreases in job postings are:
    • Administrative and Supply and Waste Management (-6.6%)
    • Transportation and Warehousing (-4.7%), Information (-2.0%)
    • Real Estate and Rental and Leasing (-2.0%)
  • The industries with the largest percentage increases in job postings are:
    • Educational Services (+25.2%)
    • Mining, Quarrying and Oil & Gas Extraction (+22.8%)
    • Manufacturing (+17.0%)
    • Utilities (+14.9%)