Markerr Announces Investment from Bridge Investment Group and Expands Product Offerings

November 2, 2021

Bridge Investment Group has partnered with Markerr as both a strategic investor and enterprise client. The investment coincides with the expansion of Markerr’s product suite, including the launch of our Property Data product with asset-level information on over 150 million U.S. properties, connected at the asset level to Markerr’s proprietary database via MarkerrID.

The new MarkerrID is a unique, property-level identification system enabling clients and partners to easily incorporate asset-level data into Markerr’s models and dashboards for robust analysis and forecasting. Markerr’s Property Data allows for analysis of transaction prices, property taxes, square footage, and more, so users can quickly compare supply and demand for a particular asset or submarket. 

Markerr’s CEO and Founder Brian Lichtenberger said that the Bridge investment coupled with the company’s product expansion initiates a new phase of Markerr’s growth. “Support from Bridge, a firm that distinguishes itself through data-powered innovation, validates our vision for the future of commercial real estate decision-making, and their feedback as an investor and customer is critical for our growth,” said Lichtenberger. “The expansion of our data network, and our ability to connect data from clients and partners via Markerr ID, addresses the need for a single destination for actionable insights, so investors, owners and operators can succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.”

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